Animals That Start With P, Pictures and Facts

Animals That Start With P - The following is a list of the names animals that start with P. There are many an animal whose name begins with the letter P and at the top of the order alphabetically is a Paddlefish looks like foreign still our ears to be heard. As an animals that start with H which I have described in my previous article. While the animals whose name of the letter P is dominated by 3 types of animals there are a family of fish, birds, and mammals.

List of Animals That Start With P : With Pictures and Facts


Animals That Start With P - Pheasant
Types of Chicken Pheasant which is increasingly popular among Collectors of decorative Chickens are a type of chicken that originated in China and Tibet. The charm of Rooster Pheasant into decoy hearts among the collector's ornamental chickens. There are 35 species from 11 countries. Cock Pheasant is the designation for the Cock Pheasant, currently the many hobbyists who hunt down Cock Pheasant for the collection.

Fur color, charming and graceful into the attraction. From the physical standpoint, this type of chicken does indeed resemble a bird so people sometimes think that this pheasant is a bird chicken. Tail length varies from several types of chicken, chicken even between males and females any different. Collectors see a cock pheasant feather color of chicken pheasant.


Paddlefish - animals begin with letter P
American Paddlefish (Polyodon spatula) or also known as the Mississippi Paddlefish or sturgeon species are Spoonbills, is older than the dinosaurs, with the oldest fossil found aged 300 million years ago. Paddlefish first developed this original in the Mississippi River, and near North America.

Paddlefish is one of giant freshwater fish that are still around today, but the conditions in its natural habitat are very worrying. The length of its body can reach 7 feet (220 cm) with a weight of 100 Kg (220 pounds). The hallmark of this fish is the presence of a long nose-snout resembles a paddle (paddle), that's about one-third of the total length of its body. The muzzle is known for its rostrum.

The American paddlefish is one of the big fish that exist in North America, but it is extremely difficult to find it. Some of the study mentions that these fish can live up to 50 years. The American paddlefish have a physical form that resembles a shark. Not only that, the arrangement of the skeleton of paddlefish and sharks are the same i.e. composed of cartilage. The equations are both located on the tail, where the tail is shaped like a branch of the upper tail with branches larger than bottom tails branch.


Pademelon - Animals That Start With P
Pademelon is small marsupials of the genus Thylogale. If you want to see them, then you should visit the forests, because that's where their residence. Pademelon is the smallest macropod family types that exist in the world. It weighs between 3-6 kg, but there are also weighing up to 10 kg. Its body length of about 90 cm with a width of about 50 centimeters.

This protected endangered animals are endemic to New Guinea and is only found in New Guinea in the lowland area of forests in southern New Guinea and Papua New Guinea. Thylogale brunii in Indonesia there are among other things in Wasur National Park (Merauke) and Lorentz National Park Mountains (Mimika).

But don't get too hopeful you can close to pademelons because they are very shy, they often immediately dashed when something they consider troubling. Because of its small size, pademelons considers other dangerous animals and could become the predators to them.


Panda - animal with letter p
The Panda is an animal that is not familiar to us, the characteristics of the particular unique round colored circles namely on the area of the eyes, and a body that is very cute and adorable for most people who see it. Moreover, a penchant for animals this one is eating the bamboo, creating a panda as a unique animal.

The Panda, is a mammal that is usually classified in the bear family, Ursidae, the animals native to central China. The big pandas live in mountain areas, such as Sichuan and Tibet. In the first half of the 20th century, the panda became a sort of symbol of China and is now displayed at the gold country.

Although taxonomically it is carnivorous, herbivorous like food, mostly plants, almost only bamboo only. Technically, like many animals, the pandas were omnivores (can be called carnivores, Omnivores, Herbivores), because they also knew to eat eggs, and also insects other than bamboo. Both of these foods is a protein source that is required. His ears twitch as they chew.


Pigeon - Animals That Start With P
Pigeons and doves are stout-body birds with short necks and short slender beak with a cere watery. The species is commonly known as the "pigeon" is the feral pigeons, common in many cities.

Doves and pigeons build nests of twigs and other remnants, which are placed in trees, on ledges, or ground, depending on species. They lay one or two eggs, and the second parent is very caring of his son, who will leave the nest after 7 to 28 days. Doves eat seeds, fruit, and plants. Unlike most other birds (but see flamingo), the doves and pigeons produce "milk your cache." Both sexes produce these high nutritious vegetables to feed her child.


Python - animals start with letter P
Python is a species of the Pythonidae which are large and have the longest body size among other snakes. The largest size may exceed 8.5 meters and is the longest snake in the world. Longer than anaconda (Eunectes), the largest and longest snakes in South America. Other names are reticulated python or commonly abbreviated retics. While the scientific name that is Python reticulatus, now converted into the genus Malayopython reticulatus.

Python has a pattern of large circles shaped mesh (reticular, nets), composed of the colors black, Brown, yellow and white along the dorsal side of the body. A thin black line running across the top of the head from snout to the nape, resembling the midline divides the two left-right head of symmetrically. And each one of the other black lines thicker are on each side of the head, passing through the eye to the back.

Dorsal scales (back) is composed of the 70-80 series; ventral scales (belly) as much as 297-332 fruit, from the bottom of the neck to the anus; subcaudal scales (sides of undertail) 75-102 pairs. Rostral shield (scales at the tip of the snout) and four shield supralabial (scales on the upper lip) leading edge has a dent (gap) detection of heat (heat sensor pits) (Tweedie 1983).


Panther - animal beginning with p
Panther is not a species in the family Felidae. Many have assumed that the panther is a species in the family Felidae. Especially the kind of Panthera which has four species of Tiger, Lion, Jaguar, and Leopard.

In general, the panther knew as Panther. Maybe the name ' Panther ' is what causes the multitude that panther is a species of Tiger. In fact, the panther is the same species with the jaguar and the Leopard. In other words, jaguar or panther is a black Leopard. The black color is caused due to melanisme on the body of a jaguar and a Leopard.

Beautiful Animals That Start With H

Below is the list of animals that start with H include mammals, reptiles, insects, fish, birds, etc that we often see in our lives. As an animals that start with F, This list of animals names is certainly still far from complete, we just try to help friends who need a reference of animals names beginning with the letter H is accompanied with pictures, descriptions and facts relating to the animals.

List of Animals That Start With H


Animals That Start With H - Hummingbird
The Hummingbird is the smallest species of birds in the world. The length of his body only about 2.25 inches. Hummingbird has only 1,000-1,500 fur all over his body. So they were referred to as the bird with the fewest amount of fur in the world. The average bird weight ruby-throated hummingbird is only about 3 grams.

About 25% to 30% weight belonging to Hummingbird comes from the weight of the muscles of the chest (pectoral muscles). The maximum speed of the forward flying Hummingbird is 30 miles/hour (approx. 48 km/h), but his speed, swooping can reach 60 miles/hour. Hummingbird has a very small-sized eggs in the world compared to eggs from other species of birds. The length of their eggs around 1/2 inches, with a weight of 10% of its body weight.

There are more than 325 bird species of hummingbirds in the world. Beautiful plumage at the throat Hummingbird is not caused by the plumage pigmentation, but because of the arrangement of feathers, light, humidity and other factors. Hummingbird was not able to walk or jump, although their feet can be used to shift when the middle is perched on the Bough.


Hamster - Animals name beginning with H
Hamsters are small animals that belong to the order Rodentia. It is included in the Group of rodents as well as rabbits, Guinea pigs, and rats. However, many people often incorrectly refer to as mice or hamsters guinea pigs. Of course, such a statement was not right. Compared to mice, hamsters have a more rounded body shape, hairy (hairy barely mice), have a wide color fur, as well as the short-tail, fur-covered and not slouchy. Guinea pigs, hamsters have compared body size much smaller.

Most hamsters originate from sub-tropical regions of the North, especially in Russia, Mongolia, northern China, and Syria. There are many varieties of the hamster in the world.

Originally it was used as a laboratory experiment in media beast. As time went on, it became known as pets. Face cute and adorable hamsters make many people hooked. In addition, keeping hamsters as well is very easy. Hamster owners simply provide the aquarium, sawdust for beds and absorbent media dirt, bottles of drink, and the food is qualified to meet the nutritional needs of hamsters. Everything is very easy.


Hawk - Animals That Start With H
Hawk is a bird of prey that members of the Accipitridae. It is named so due to its berbercak-bercak (in the form of a light-colored). The language name in the United Kingdom is Changeable Hawk-eagle due to its highly variable and fickle, as for the scientific name Spizaetus cirrhatus is. Hawk is multiplying in a wide area ranging from South Asia in India and Sri Lanka, the Himalayas, Southeast edge continues to the East and South across Southeast Asia South to Indonesia and the Philippines.

Size of Hawk bird that is small to moderate, with the body length measured from tip of beak to tip of the tail of about 60-72 cm. Colour is a very fickle complicate identification, especially in the field. A normal form is Brown on the top, white on the lower side of the body and tail are reddish-brown, with transverse black stripes on the wings and tail that appears clearly when flying.

A large nest, made from tree branches and leaves in a tall tree. Eggs one grain (rarely two) white with reddish spots. In Java, a hawk nesting brontok between April and August or around October.


Hyena - Animals names With Letter H
According to the history of evolution, the hyenas are believed to be arboreal species evolve from somewhere around 26 million years ago. Although small, the hyena is the dominant Carnivore animal species in Africa. Hyenas can stand with two hind legs similar to a bear.

Hyenas are choosing to live in savannas, grasslands, forests, and deserts. Hyenas make nests in high places connected by underground tunnels. The nesting system such as this will help to protect themselves from intruders.

Hyena is considered a scavenger (eat the leftovers) and Carnivore. Flexibility in food choices increases the chances of survival of these animals. Hyenas prefer the food in the form of an animal that has been killed by other carnivores so it was often regarded as a scavenger. In the event of scarcity of food remaining, they would hunt their prey themselves, such as wildebeests, monkeys, and birds.

Hyenas are mammals that are active at night (nocturnal) and choose life group making it easier in hunting and protect themselves. In the case of the hyena, Leopard, members of the group could reach around 80 tail. They mark their territories and will expel any intruders.


Hartebeest - Animals Start With Letter H
Hartebeest is the antelope species which became extinct in 1923 when a female to die in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris. It was once found over much of North Africa, at least in the East such as Egypt, where there the animal is considered mythological and animal sacrifice.

However, in 1900 the 70s range limited to the High Atlas mountains of Algeria and Morocco. Hunting throughout the 19th century, drastically reducing the number of animals it's Hartebeest, a veterinary yellowish brown that stands almost 4 meters at the shoulder, Hartebeest is marked with the Horn-shaped harp. The beautiful beast, unfortunately, has been lost.


Hedgehog - Animals name begin with Letter H
Hedgehog or Porcupine prickly mammals milk is a subfamily of the order Erinaceomorpha is included. There are 17 species of Hedgehog milk that is divided into five genera, found in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Mini Hedgehog is generally known as small mammals with a layer of stiff, spiky thorns IE covering their backs. They have pointed nose, and rather prominent eyes are located on the side of the face. Their ears are usually round, although, in some species, it could be stretched, and located high on the side of the head. They have a small tail and short, and functionally very little used. They can be rolled up like a ball of Quills when threatened.

Feather Hedgehog and it wasn't until the spiky. Holding a hedgehog likened such hairbrush, rough but not spiny. The average weight of African Pygmy hedgehogs around ¼ to 1 ½ pounds and a length of about 15 to 20 cm are almost the size of a marmot. There are some that can grow up to 1 ¾ to 2 pounds and the other only weighing 6 or 7 ounces.


Heron - Animals That Start With H
Heron bird arguably as the most ingenious fishing experts among the birds. He had a lot of sophisticated techniques to catch prey, are also able to learn new techniques quickly. One of the clever techniques can change IE heron itself into a protective umbrella.

On a hot weather, a heron is soaking will unfold its wings wide so that it formed a plot of cool water under the shadows, on the lake or river place hunting. Only with the indwelling of the heron bird sculpting, waiting for the fish to swim into the shadow – the cool shadow of yesteryear, who then captured using its beak.

Yups.. that's an examples of animals that start with H, if you know of other animals beginning with the letter H, please write in the comments field, as a reference for other friends. Thanks

Most Famous Animals That Start With F

Animals That Start With F - There are many names of animals from letter F such as bird Flamingo, Falcon, Ferret etc. More detailed description and explanation of an animal whose name begins with the letter F you may know by continuing to read this article. In the previous article, I have explained some of the animals that start with W, which is probably there for readers who have yet to figure it out. In addition, you can also read the facts, descriptions, and pictures of these animals. When I'll find other animals whose name starting with the letter F, I'll add this to the list of animal names that start with F below.

List of Animals That Start With Letter F : facts, descriptions, and pictures


Animals That Start With F - Falcon
Falcon is a family Falconidae into crusts, including the falcon, caracaras, and forest falcon. They are the fastest bird in the world. Peregrine falcon (Peregrine Falcon crater) can fly with a speed of 290 kilometers per hour. The Falcon can be found on every continent except Antarctica. They live in a variety of habitats, such as grasslands, desert, Arctic tundra, grasslands, tropical forests, and even cities.

The Falcon is a raptor or bird of prey. They have short and stout body and wings are tapered and long. This wing is perfect for flying maneuver in the air at high speed to hunt. Its beak is shorter and has a kind of bent the gear to kill its prey. While the strong legs and finger length have sharp claws used to hit the prey from the air and catch it on the ground.

The smallest Falcon is the Black-thighed falconet of Southeast Asia. Its length is about 15 cm long with a wingspan of about 30 cm. Whereas the gyrfalcon is the largest to be found in North America, Europe, and Asia. Its length could reach 64 cm long with a wingspan of more 1.5 meters.

Falcon eat a variety of animals such as lizards, snakes, small mammals, large insects, and even other birds. Caracaras also eat dead animals (carrion). Falcon sound varies from shrill screams, howls like a cat, to the sound of kek-kek-kek. Falcon active during the day.


Ferret - Animals That Start With Letter F
Ferrets are carnivorous mammals of the family Mustelidae (weasel instead). Characteristics of the ferret that is has a rather elongated body with weight 0.7 Kg to 2. ferrets belonged the animals active. Ferrets love to run, play, chasing birds and others. to color this ferret consists of Brown, black, white, gray and others depending on the type.

Ferrets are animals carnivore. They are very fond of other animals that are smaller like mice, rabbits and Guinea Pigs children. They were able to spend the whole prey ranging from fur, meat, skin, and bones. Ferrets including animals that have short intestines and digestion so the ferret can't save a backup food too long inside the body. Therefore animals ferrets are animals who must often hunt prey.

Ferret has 3 basic variants of color there is the color of white, Brown and black. The colors of the three later appeared tens of other color variants. The length of the ferret 50 cm including the long reach of the tail which averages about 13 cm. A weight of between 0.8 to 2 Ferret kg and can reach 10 years of age.


Frigatebird - Animals That Start With Letter F
Frigate Bird is a bird that comes from the Galapagos Islands, Equador. These birds are able to fly with a maximum speed of 153 km/h. This bird has a unique characteristic. They have a throat coffers that can be inflated like a balloon. Punk-flashed a red throat is only possessed by the males, whereas females do not have it. The function of these coffers is to look for the pair, they will inflate for almost 20 minutes, then swing it in his head from side to side, shaking their wings, and the female Frigate birds call so that interested her.

A Frigatebird will mate with the males if it has bubbles balloons are great and unique. During mating, the male will put its wings with a sweet behind the eyes of the female in order to ensure that she is not interested in the other male Frigatebird has a bubble balloons more beautiful.

Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox - Animals That Start With F
Fennec Fox, also known as the desert foxes. It's a beautiful little being from the family dog. Fennec Fox is often called Desert Fox because they lived in a desert which is located in North Africa, the Sinai, and Saudi Arabia. Like most other desert dwellers, Fennec Fox can long survive without water.

He is kind of a Fox with a small size. The length of the fennec fox only reach 37-41 cm and weighs only reach 1.5 kg only. That is not less interesting than the Fennec Fox that is ear length can reach 15 cm. It contrasts with her petite. Fennec Fox ears serve keeping them in very hot weather Desert area. When the cold weather comes, their ears are used to protect themselves with feather length. Despite the small size of foxes, Fennec fox can jump to as high as 6 meters.


Flamingo - Animals beginning with Letter F
Flamingo is a species of bird that live in groups long-legged. They are of the genus Phoenicopterus and family Phoenicopteridae. This bird is found in the Western and Eastern hemisphere, but there are many more in the Eastern hemisphere.

The word comes from the flamingo Spain Flamengo, an early form of flamenco. This word comes from the Latin word Flamma, meaning ' fire '. The bird's Habitat consists of large shallow lakes, lagoons, mangrove forests, and Sandy Islands. Africa, Asia, North America, Central America, South America, and Europe is the vast spread of the bird. The size of the adult flamingo ranged from 36-50 inches high, with a wingspan of about 60 inches.

Flamingos often stand on one foot. The reason of this is not well known. Some say that flamingo has the ability to make half her body was in a State of sleeping with a position in such a way, but this has not been sufficiently proven. Some say that the position of standing on one foot to keep away is not wet, with the intent to conserve energy. Because stands above the waters, flamingo using their feet are also used for the sake of stirring up the mud in search of food.

Flamingos filter the water to get the shrimp. Half of them are shaped in such a way to adapt to filter water and mud to get food. Structure lamellae, which are also contained in the aquatic bird's other food, there is a filter in their half and help the process of filtering. Their color is bright pink due to beta-carotene contained in their food. Shrimp and blue-green algae is a common source of beta-carotene obtained flamingo.


Flounder - Animals Name with letter F
Flounder is a fish that live and feed on the ocean floor and Lake (demersal zone). Their environment is generally in the form of mud, sand, and rocks, rarely there are coral reefs. So based on this definition, Flounder fish can be found from coastal environments to deep-sea zones (abyssal zone), and most are found in the neighborhood near the back of the sea.

Its body color is dark (on some kind of chocolate) made it known it wasn't easy to fish when on the sea floor. His body was hard to distinguish the color of sand. This ability makes the predator doesn't know his standing, while it easily preys on his game. Fish smart.

This eye condition is not congenital when small. When the larvae of fish-like eyes position form compressed in General. But along with a strong pressure of water (its Habitat at the base), gradually the cells undergo migration to customize the environment.

Flounder fish is a type of low-mercury fish that can nourish the heart and contains about 350 milligrams of EPA and DHA. One part of the fish flounder weighing 3 ounces cooked contains approximately 13 grams of protein.


Frogmouth - Animals That Start With F
Frogmouth is a species of bird that found in mainland Australia, It’s also called the Mopoke or Morepork. These birds spend their day on the stump of a dead wood or twigs and hunt at night. They are going to sit quietly and look very similar to the skin of a tree, then it is very difficult to distinguish between the Frogmouth from tree bark, their eyes will be closed and its beak will be pointing straight.

While small insects, frogs, or came, his mouth will be wide open and within a fraction of a second will close back and capture prey. This closed half of the sound can be heard up to 100 meters.

Unique Animals That Start With J

Animals That Start With J - For the children to know the names of the animals are very happy, therefore the blog will share some of the animals that start with J, such that we often hear, among others, is the Jackal, Jellyfish, Jaguarundi, Javan Rhinoceros etc. In addition, there may be also strange to our ears there Jabiru, Jacana, Jerboa etc. Here is a picture of an animal whose name begins with the letter J is accompanied with the facts relating to the animals.

Animals That Start With Letter J


Animals That Start With J - Jackal
Jackal is a small omnivorous mammal is come from the genus Canis, the genus whose members also include wolves and dogs. Jackal's words have been used for many years to refer to three species of the genus Canis i.e. Jackal backs Black, Jackal striped side, and Jackal gold. The entire species distributed in Africa except for Jackal gold spread over the territory of Eurasia.


Jabiru - Animals Start With Letter J
Jabiru is a type of cranes that were the first habitat in the rainforests of Central America to South America, except West of the Andes mountains. It can grow up to 1.5 meters high with a wide wingspan up to 2.1 meters. Half of the Jabiru is black can reach a length of 30 cm. hairy Body and white NET. Habitat for Jabiru in wet places (usually near rivers or marshes) and prey on small animals. If he had grown up there are typically in the neck colored black and bubbled a little red on the bottom.


Jaguarundi - Animals Beginning with letter J
Jaguarundi (Puma yagouaroundi SYN. Herpailurus) is a small wild cat native to Central and South America. In 2002, the IUCN classifies the jaguarundi as Least Concern, although they considered it possible that the conservation unit does not exist outside the Amazon basin mega-reserves could sustain long-term viable populations. Jaguarundi is probably extinct in Texas. Its presence in Uruguay is uncertain.

This animal came from Americans who inhabit the area around Central America and South America. Different from most other wild cat jaguarundi is diurnal animals or animals that are more active during the day. Jaguarundi spent most of her time above the trees, but they also often drop to the ground to hunt. Jaguarundi does not avoid water as done by most cats. They sometimes went down to the river if the game difficulty is found for hunting fish.

Jaguarundi is prey birds, rats, and small reptiles. However, some animals that prey on jaguarundi is even bigger than his body like a rabbit. Jaguarundi has enough speed for the size of his firm. And the leap that could catch birds that low flying.


Jellyfish - Animals That Start With J
Jellyfish, you definitely know this animal. they are discrete, transparent gel-like stature has tentacles or tendrils, and has toxic levels varied depending on the type, as well as life in the water.

A jellyfish is a form of non-polyps of the phylum Cnidaria. They are marked as marine animals that swim freely that resembles a Bell and an umbrella-shaped gelatin. His body can be pulsed to move, while its tentacles can sting and used to capture prey.

Jellyfish can be found in every ocean, from the surface to the deep sea. his body is often colorful, and he generally is in the coastal areas around the world. Jellyfish have been scouring the ocean for at least 500 million years, or perhaps even the 700 million years or more, and this makes them the oldest animal was dubbed with multi-organ.

Javan Rhinoceros

Javan Rhinoceros - Animals with Letter J
The Javan rhinoceros is one of the very rare animals in the world. Development of the population has experienced a critical point in the year 1960-70s which are only found around 20 tail. Since the 1980 's to the current development of the population was fairly stable in the range of 40-60 tail, but this number is still at risk of extinction. Ideally should be more than 500 tail with a wider range of habitat distribution. Currently, living habitats of Javan rhinoceros is limited only in the Ujung Kulon National Park, the westernmost tip of Java island.

In the past, the Javan rhinoceros does not only exist in Java but spread to the Asian mainland starting from Viet Nam up to Bengal, India. The massive hunt for allegedly being the main cause of the shrinking population. In Indonesia alone in the 18th century, the Javan rhinoceros was once considered pests that plague crops plantations. Even the Netherlands colonial Government ruled that time never held a contest with a prize of 10 guilders to anyone who manages to kill him.


Jerboa - Animals Beginning with letter J
Jerboa is small mammals that live in the desert is included in a group of animals jumping and rodent. It has 30 more species in their habitats, with differences in size, color, and type of residence. Jerboa has a physical shape similar to a rat, but his leg length similar to kangaroos and has long ears like a rabbit and the tail too long.

This type of animal jerboa occupy deserts and winter heat in the Asian region namely in Mongolia and China as well as the Inland North Africa. Jerboa is already entered on the list of rare animals because their habitats are endangered due to the increase in human activity. But there is also another factor that threatens the survival of the jerboa is an attack that is parasite or disease.

Animal gestation period jerboa has 25 – 35 days with long live approximately 2 to 3 years, including in a group of the three-legged desert rat who has a running speed of 24 km/h. This type of mice weighed only about 3.8 grams. In addition, jerboa also has its own uniqueness that can be substantiated by facts.


Jacana - Animals That Start With J
Jacana is a tropical bird in the Jacanidae family. They are found worldwide in tropical zones. They can be identified from the feet and talons are large so make them can run on water plants floating on the Lake. Unique poultry this one formerly quite complicate bird observers to distinguish between males and females.

However, it was discovered the size of the females is larger than males. Another uniqueness is the exchange partner when the female is able to capture and Captivate males belonging to the other spouse. Bronze-winged Jacana females even it will attack the nest and kill everything in it except males.

List of Animals That Start With W

Animals That Start With W - Maybe you've played animal guessing, such as guessing the name of a particular letter of the alphabet based on animals, indeed this game we are doing at the moment we are children and feels very engrossing, but nevertheless we're supposed to know what the heck the name of the animals from A to Z, In my previous discussion also explains about the animals that start with J, maybe some that you don't yet know. And in this occasion I would like to explain what the animals that start with W.

List of Animals That Start With Letter W


Animals That Start With W - Wallaby
Wallaby or Agille Wallaby has a Macropus Agilis latin name. It has the appearance and manner of walking which resembles a kangaroo. So many thought as the kangaroos. Whereas in fact, the Wallaby has a body size that is smaller than a kangaroo.

Wallaby has a body length of about 60 cm long with a weight of about 6 kg. Gray fur tanned, proceeding by way of jumping to use both hind legs, and have a pouch on his belly. Yeah, same with the kangaroos.

Wallaby usually live in groups. Wallaby Habitat is grasslands, forests, and grasslands. They are active during the day to forage grass, sweet, shoots, and leaves. Yup, they are the herbivorous animals. Wallaby we can find in the wild in an area of Aru Islands, New Guinea, and the northern part of Australia.


Walrus is Animals Start With Letter W
Walrus (Odobenus rosmarus) are marine mammals in the Arctic Ocean and the sea of sub-Arctic in the northern hemisphere of the Earth. Walrus is the only species in the genus Odobenus and Odobenidae family. The species is divided into 3 subspecies, namely the Pacific Walrus, Atlantic Walrus, o. rosmarus laptevi.

Walrus ivory because it has a recognizable. Adult Pacific walrus may attain a weight of 1700 kg and surpass only by elephant seals. These animals include social animals and usually reach a ripe old age.

Walrus has an important role in the culture of the people of Polar, a Walrus hunting for meat, fat, skin, tusks, and a bone. In the 19th century and 20th Walrus blubber and exploited for his single. Therefore the number is declining at that time, but the number has risen again at this time.


Wasp - Animals Start With Letter W
Wasp is flying insects are easy to spot because it is known like the sting when the striking colors are harassed and in some species. Wasp was included in the order Hymenoptera which also consists of ants and bees. Bees or wasps are sometimes confused as the bees by lay people.

In this world, there are about 75,000 species of Wasp that are already known to man and most of them live as a parasite by putting their eggs in the body of the other animals. The Wasps can be found worldwide, except in areas too hot and too cold.

Wasp has the sting in the tip of their abdomens. Only the female Wasp have stung, while the males have no Stinger. The sting of Wasp is actually sort of a channel that is connected to the can. Wasp was stung to paralyze their victims to use and defend yourself.

The majority of the Wasp are herbivores that eat plant material such as fruit and nectar. Others such as Japan giant Wasp (Vespa mandarina) is omnivorous that also live by eating the flesh of other insects. They do not have enzymes Digest special on his body so that it can not Digest meat prey directly. To solve it, they give you a piece of meat on their larvae. The larvae produce enzymes to digest this protein will chew the meat, and then regurgitate it back to adult Wasp.


Animals That Start With W is Wildebeests
Wildebeests (Connochaetes) is a herbivorous mammal family members spread in savanna ungulates in the Interior of Africa. Animals which are still closely related to goats is composed of two species, namely blue wildebeests (c. taurinus) and the black wildebeests (c. gnou) all of which is a species endemic to the continent of Africa.

Wildebeests are famous for the annual great migration that they do in order to find new, more green area that falls between the months of July and August, which at the time, more than one million wildebeests across the Serengeti savanna tail in between the border Tanzania-Kenya until crossing the rivers teeming with crocodiles.


Warthog - Animals That Start With W
Warthog (Phacochoerus africanus) is the name of a type of wild pig who can be identified by looking at the 2 pairs of curved fangs that are sticking out on either side of the snout. The appearance made the warthog looks resembles the Babirusa. But unlike the hog deer habitat was in Indonesia, the warthog can only be found on the African continent. Precisely in the open grasslands and lush forest at the edge of the wilderness with & maximum altitude 3,500 m.

The name "warthog" on this animal comes from a bump-bumps resembling a wart (wart) in the face. The lump that is owned by males is larger than thicker-textured & bump belongs to females. The function of these bumps is to protect the face of the warthog while excavating the land butting his opponent &. In addition to the lump-shaped fangs & typical warthog has physical properties, another form of dense black hair at the back of & body lightly browned.

Warthog has a varied choice of food. Objects such as grass, plant roots, young tree bark, berries, carrion animals, other animal feces even & everything can be consumed by it. But the warthog commonly made of grass as a main meal. From the grass ate, warthog gets needed water intake in the dry season. Warthog active foraging during the day resting clefts & located above the ground when night falls.


Wolf - Animals beginning With W
The Wolf is a large carnivorous animal and as the largest members of the dog, and comes from the same group with dingoes and Coyote i.e. Canidae. Wolves generally encounter in all parts of the northern hemisphere. They are usually shy and cautious when around humans but not like dogs, the Wolf has not been completely tamed as pets.

The Wolf can reach speeds of up to 65 km/h when chasing prey. The most common Wolf encounter is the gray wolf or that could be known by various designations, among others, Gray Wolf, Grey Wolf and Timber Wolf and the other Wolf species i.e. Red Wolf (Red Wolf), Arctic Wolf (Arctic Wolf), Mexican (Molf Wolf Mexico) and white wolf (White Wolf).


Weasel - Animals That Start With W
Weasel are mammals that make up the Genus Mustela of the Mustelidae Family. This genus consists of Weasel, ermine, and tangent. This small-sized animal is an active predator, long and slender-bodied with short legs. Family Mustelidae which also consists of the otters is also often referred to as the Weasel family.

Weasel has a length which varies from 173 to 217 mm (6.8 to 8.5 in), females are smaller than males, and usually has a layer of the upper body is brown or red while her belly is white; some species are replacing the body feathers become completely white in winter. The animal's body is long and sleek enabled him to hunt down prey up into a rut. Their tails are sized from 34 to 52 mm (1.3 to 2.0 in). Weasel has a reputation as an animal that is smart, fast and full of guile.

Weasel prey on small mammals, and has long been regarded as pests because some species often prey on chickens and attack the rabbit hole in the farmland. These animals can be found all over the world except for Antarctica, Australia and Islands East of the Wallace line.