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Most Famous Animals That Start With F

Animals That Start With F - There are many names of animals from letter F such as bird Flamingo, Falcon, Ferret etc. More detailed description and explanation of an animal whose name begins with the letter F you may know by continuing to read this article. In the previous article, I have explained some of the animals that start with W, which is probably there for readers who have yet to figure it out. In addition, you can also read the facts, descriptions, and pictures of these animals. When I'll find other animals whose name starting with the letter F, I'll add this to the list of animal names that start with F below.

List of Animals That Start With Letter F : facts, descriptions, and pictures


Animals That Start With F - Falcon
Falcon is a family Falconidae into crusts, including the falcon, caracaras, and forest falcon. They are the fastest bird in the world. Peregrine falcon (Peregrine Falcon crater) can fly with a speed of 290 kilometers per hour. The Falcon can be found on every continent except Antarctica. They live in a variety of habitats, such as grasslands, desert, Arctic tundra, grasslands, tropical forests, and even cities.

The Falcon is a raptor or bird of prey. They have short and stout body and wings are tapered and long. This wing is perfect for flying maneuver in the air at high speed to hunt. Its beak is shorter and has a kind of bent the gear to kill its prey. While the strong legs and finger length have sharp claws used to hit the prey from the air and catch it on the ground.

The smallest Falcon is the Black-thighed falconet of Southeast Asia. Its length is about 15 cm long with a wingspan of about 30 cm. Whereas the gyrfalcon is the largest to be found in North America, Europe, and Asia. Its length could reach 64 cm long with a wingspan of more 1.5 meters.

Falcon eat a variety of animals such as lizards, snakes, small mammals, large insects, and even other birds. Caracaras also eat dead animals (carrion). Falcon sound varies from shrill screams, howls like a cat, to the sound of kek-kek-kek. Falcon active during the day.


Ferret - Animals That Start With Letter F
Ferrets are carnivorous mammals of the family Mustelidae (weasel instead). Characteristics of the ferret that is has a rather elongated body with weight 0.7 Kg to 2. ferrets belonged the animals active. Ferrets love to run, play, chasing birds and others. to color this ferret consists of Brown, black, white, gray and others depending on the type.

Ferrets are animals carnivore. They are very fond of other animals that are smaller like mice, rabbits and Guinea Pigs children. They were able to spend the whole prey ranging from fur, meat, skin, and bones. Ferrets including animals that have short intestines and digestion so the ferret can't save a backup food too long inside the body. Therefore animals ferrets are animals who must often hunt prey.

Ferret has 3 basic variants of color there is the color of white, Brown and black. The colors of the three later appeared tens of other color variants. The length of the ferret 50 cm including the long reach of the tail which averages about 13 cm. A weight of between 0.8 to 2 Ferret kg and can reach 10 years of age.


Frigatebird - Animals That Start With Letter F
Frigate Bird is a bird that comes from the Galapagos Islands, Equador. These birds are able to fly with a maximum speed of 153 km/h. This bird has a unique characteristic. They have a throat coffers that can be inflated like a balloon. Punk-flashed a red throat is only possessed by the males, whereas females do not have it. The function of these coffers is to look for the pair, they will inflate for almost 20 minutes, then swing it in his head from side to side, shaking their wings, and the female Frigate birds call so that interested her.

A Frigatebird will mate with the males if it has bubbles balloons are great and unique. During mating, the male will put its wings with a sweet behind the eyes of the female in order to ensure that she is not interested in the other male Frigatebird has a bubble balloons more beautiful.

Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox - Animals That Start With F
Fennec Fox, also known as the desert foxes. It's a beautiful little being from the family dog. Fennec Fox is often called Desert Fox because they lived in a desert which is located in North Africa, the Sinai, and Saudi Arabia. Like most other desert dwellers, Fennec Fox can long survive without water.

He is kind of a Fox with a small size. The length of the fennec fox only reach 37-41 cm and weighs only reach 1.5 kg only. That is not less interesting than the Fennec Fox that is ear length can reach 15 cm. It contrasts with her petite. Fennec Fox ears serve keeping them in very hot weather Desert area. When the cold weather comes, their ears are used to protect themselves with feather length. Despite the small size of foxes, Fennec fox can jump to as high as 6 meters.


Flamingo - Animals beginning with Letter F
Flamingo is a species of bird that live in groups long-legged. They are of the genus Phoenicopterus and family Phoenicopteridae. This bird is found in the Western and Eastern hemisphere, but there are many more in the Eastern hemisphere.

The word comes from the flamingo Spain Flamengo, an early form of flamenco. This word comes from the Latin word Flamma, meaning ' fire '. The bird's Habitat consists of large shallow lakes, lagoons, mangrove forests, and Sandy Islands. Africa, Asia, North America, Central America, South America, and Europe is the vast spread of the bird. The size of the adult flamingo ranged from 36-50 inches high, with a wingspan of about 60 inches.

Flamingos often stand on one foot. The reason of this is not well known. Some say that flamingo has the ability to make half her body was in a State of sleeping with a position in such a way, but this has not been sufficiently proven. Some say that the position of standing on one foot to keep away is not wet, with the intent to conserve energy. Because stands above the waters, flamingo using their feet are also used for the sake of stirring up the mud in search of food.

Flamingos filter the water to get the shrimp. Half of them are shaped in such a way to adapt to filter water and mud to get food. Structure lamellae, which are also contained in the aquatic bird's other food, there is a filter in their half and help the process of filtering. Their color is bright pink due to beta-carotene contained in their food. Shrimp and blue-green algae is a common source of beta-carotene obtained flamingo.


Flounder - Animals Name with letter F
Flounder is a fish that live and feed on the ocean floor and Lake (demersal zone). Their environment is generally in the form of mud, sand, and rocks, rarely there are coral reefs. So based on this definition, Flounder fish can be found from coastal environments to deep-sea zones (abyssal zone), and most are found in the neighborhood near the back of the sea.

Its body color is dark (on some kind of chocolate) made it known it wasn't easy to fish when on the sea floor. His body was hard to distinguish the color of sand. This ability makes the predator doesn't know his standing, while it easily preys on his game. Fish smart.

This eye condition is not congenital when small. When the larvae of fish-like eyes position form compressed in General. But along with a strong pressure of water (its Habitat at the base), gradually the cells undergo migration to customize the environment.

Flounder fish is a type of low-mercury fish that can nourish the heart and contains about 350 milligrams of EPA and DHA. One part of the fish flounder weighing 3 ounces cooked contains approximately 13 grams of protein.


Frogmouth - Animals That Start With F
Frogmouth is a species of bird that found in mainland Australia, It’s also called the Mopoke or Morepork. These birds spend their day on the stump of a dead wood or twigs and hunt at night. They are going to sit quietly and look very similar to the skin of a tree, then it is very difficult to distinguish between the Frogmouth from tree bark, their eyes will be closed and its beak will be pointing straight.

While small insects, frogs, or came, his mouth will be wide open and within a fraction of a second will close back and capture prey. This closed half of the sound can be heard up to 100 meters.