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Beautiful Animals That Start With H

Below is the list of animals that start with H include mammals, reptiles, insects, fish, birds, etc that we often see in our lives. As an animals that start with F, This list of animals names is certainly still far from complete, we just try to help friends who need a reference of animals names beginning with the letter H is accompanied with pictures, descriptions and facts relating to the animals.

List of Animals That Start With H


Animals That Start With H - Hummingbird
The Hummingbird is the smallest species of birds in the world. The length of his body only about 2.25 inches. Hummingbird has only 1,000-1,500 fur all over his body. So they were referred to as the bird with the fewest amount of fur in the world. The average bird weight ruby-throated hummingbird is only about 3 grams.

About 25% to 30% weight belonging to Hummingbird comes from the weight of the muscles of the chest (pectoral muscles). The maximum speed of the forward flying Hummingbird is 30 miles/hour (approx. 48 km/h), but his speed, swooping can reach 60 miles/hour. Hummingbird has a very small-sized eggs in the world compared to eggs from other species of birds. The length of their eggs around 1/2 inches, with a weight of 10% of its body weight.

There are more than 325 bird species of hummingbirds in the world. Beautiful plumage at the throat Hummingbird is not caused by the plumage pigmentation, but because of the arrangement of feathers, light, humidity and other factors. Hummingbird was not able to walk or jump, although their feet can be used to shift when the middle is perched on the Bough.


Hamster - Animals name beginning with H
Hamsters are small animals that belong to the order Rodentia. It is included in the Group of rodents as well as rabbits, Guinea pigs, and rats. However, many people often incorrectly refer to as mice or hamsters guinea pigs. Of course, such a statement was not right. Compared to mice, hamsters have a more rounded body shape, hairy (hairy barely mice), have a wide color fur, as well as the short-tail, fur-covered and not slouchy. Guinea pigs, hamsters have compared body size much smaller.

Most hamsters originate from sub-tropical regions of the North, especially in Russia, Mongolia, northern China, and Syria. There are many varieties of the hamster in the world.

Originally it was used as a laboratory experiment in media beast. As time went on, it became known as pets. Face cute and adorable hamsters make many people hooked. In addition, keeping hamsters as well is very easy. Hamster owners simply provide the aquarium, sawdust for beds and absorbent media dirt, bottles of drink, and the food is qualified to meet the nutritional needs of hamsters. Everything is very easy.


Hawk - Animals That Start With H
Hawk is a bird of prey that members of the Accipitridae. It is named so due to its berbercak-bercak (in the form of a light-colored). The language name in the United Kingdom is Changeable Hawk-eagle due to its highly variable and fickle, as for the scientific name Spizaetus cirrhatus is. Hawk is multiplying in a wide area ranging from South Asia in India and Sri Lanka, the Himalayas, Southeast edge continues to the East and South across Southeast Asia South to Indonesia and the Philippines.

Size of Hawk bird that is small to moderate, with the body length measured from tip of beak to tip of the tail of about 60-72 cm. Colour is a very fickle complicate identification, especially in the field. A normal form is Brown on the top, white on the lower side of the body and tail are reddish-brown, with transverse black stripes on the wings and tail that appears clearly when flying.

A large nest, made from tree branches and leaves in a tall tree. Eggs one grain (rarely two) white with reddish spots. In Java, a hawk nesting brontok between April and August or around October.


Hyena - Animals names With Letter H
According to the history of evolution, the hyenas are believed to be arboreal species evolve from somewhere around 26 million years ago. Although small, the hyena is the dominant Carnivore animal species in Africa. Hyenas can stand with two hind legs similar to a bear.

Hyenas are choosing to live in savannas, grasslands, forests, and deserts. Hyenas make nests in high places connected by underground tunnels. The nesting system such as this will help to protect themselves from intruders.

Hyena is considered a scavenger (eat the leftovers) and Carnivore. Flexibility in food choices increases the chances of survival of these animals. Hyenas prefer the food in the form of an animal that has been killed by other carnivores so it was often regarded as a scavenger. In the event of scarcity of food remaining, they would hunt their prey themselves, such as wildebeests, monkeys, and birds.

Hyenas are mammals that are active at night (nocturnal) and choose life group making it easier in hunting and protect themselves. In the case of the hyena, Leopard, members of the group could reach around 80 tail. They mark their territories and will expel any intruders.


Hartebeest - Animals Start With Letter H
Hartebeest is the antelope species which became extinct in 1923 when a female to die in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris. It was once found over much of North Africa, at least in the East such as Egypt, where there the animal is considered mythological and animal sacrifice.

However, in 1900 the 70s range limited to the High Atlas mountains of Algeria and Morocco. Hunting throughout the 19th century, drastically reducing the number of animals it's Hartebeest, a veterinary yellowish brown that stands almost 4 meters at the shoulder, Hartebeest is marked with the Horn-shaped harp. The beautiful beast, unfortunately, has been lost.


Hedgehog - Animals name begin with Letter H
Hedgehog or Porcupine prickly mammals milk is a subfamily of the order Erinaceomorpha is included. There are 17 species of Hedgehog milk that is divided into five genera, found in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Mini Hedgehog is generally known as small mammals with a layer of stiff, spiky thorns IE covering their backs. They have pointed nose, and rather prominent eyes are located on the side of the face. Their ears are usually round, although, in some species, it could be stretched, and located high on the side of the head. They have a small tail and short, and functionally very little used. They can be rolled up like a ball of Quills when threatened.

Feather Hedgehog and it wasn't until the spiky. Holding a hedgehog likened such hairbrush, rough but not spiny. The average weight of African Pygmy hedgehogs around ¼ to 1 ½ pounds and a length of about 15 to 20 cm are almost the size of a marmot. There are some that can grow up to 1 ¾ to 2 pounds and the other only weighing 6 or 7 ounces.


Heron - Animals That Start With H
Heron bird arguably as the most ingenious fishing experts among the birds. He had a lot of sophisticated techniques to catch prey, are also able to learn new techniques quickly. One of the clever techniques can change IE heron itself into a protective umbrella.

On a hot weather, a heron is soaking will unfold its wings wide so that it formed a plot of cool water under the shadows, on the lake or river place hunting. Only with the indwelling of the heron bird sculpting, waiting for the fish to swim into the shadow – the cool shadow of yesteryear, who then captured using its beak.

Yups.. that's an examples of animals that start with H, if you know of other animals beginning with the letter H, please write in the comments field, as a reference for other friends. Thanks