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Unique Animals That Start With J

Animals That Start With J - For the children to know the names of the animals are very happy, therefore the Senterin.com blog will share some of the animals that start with J, such that we often hear, among others, is the Jackal, Jellyfish, Jaguarundi, Javan Rhinoceros etc. In addition, there may be also strange to our ears there Jabiru, Jacana, Jerboa etc. Here is a picture of an animal whose name begins with the letter J is accompanied with the facts relating to the animals.

Animals That Start With Letter J


Animals That Start With J - Jackal
Jackal is a small omnivorous mammal is come from the genus Canis, the genus whose members also include wolves and dogs. Jackal's words have been used for many years to refer to three species of the genus Canis i.e. Jackal backs Black, Jackal striped side, and Jackal gold. The entire species distributed in Africa except for Jackal gold spread over the territory of Eurasia.


Jabiru - Animals Start With Letter J
Jabiru is a type of cranes that were the first habitat in the rainforests of Central America to South America, except West of the Andes mountains. It can grow up to 1.5 meters high with a wide wingspan up to 2.1 meters. Half of the Jabiru is black can reach a length of 30 cm. hairy Body and white NET. Habitat for Jabiru in wet places (usually near rivers or marshes) and prey on small animals. If he had grown up there are typically in the neck colored black and bubbled a little red on the bottom.


Jaguarundi - Animals Beginning with letter J
Jaguarundi (Puma yagouaroundi SYN. Herpailurus) is a small wild cat native to Central and South America. In 2002, the IUCN classifies the jaguarundi as Least Concern, although they considered it possible that the conservation unit does not exist outside the Amazon basin mega-reserves could sustain long-term viable populations. Jaguarundi is probably extinct in Texas. Its presence in Uruguay is uncertain.

This animal came from Americans who inhabit the area around Central America and South America. Different from most other wild cat jaguarundi is diurnal animals or animals that are more active during the day. Jaguarundi spent most of her time above the trees, but they also often drop to the ground to hunt. Jaguarundi does not avoid water as done by most cats. They sometimes went down to the river if the game difficulty is found for hunting fish.

Jaguarundi is prey birds, rats, and small reptiles. However, some animals that prey on jaguarundi is even bigger than his body like a rabbit. Jaguarundi has enough speed for the size of his firm. And the leap that could catch birds that low flying.


Jellyfish - Animals That Start With J
Jellyfish, you definitely know this animal. they are discrete, transparent gel-like stature has tentacles or tendrils, and has toxic levels varied depending on the type, as well as life in the water.

A jellyfish is a form of non-polyps of the phylum Cnidaria. They are marked as marine animals that swim freely that resembles a Bell and an umbrella-shaped gelatin. His body can be pulsed to move, while its tentacles can sting and used to capture prey.

Jellyfish can be found in every ocean, from the surface to the deep sea. his body is often colorful, and he generally is in the coastal areas around the world. Jellyfish have been scouring the ocean for at least 500 million years, or perhaps even the 700 million years or more, and this makes them the oldest animal was dubbed with multi-organ.

Javan Rhinoceros

Javan Rhinoceros - Animals with Letter J
The Javan rhinoceros is one of the very rare animals in the world. Development of the population has experienced a critical point in the year 1960-70s which are only found around 20 tail. Since the 1980 's to the current development of the population was fairly stable in the range of 40-60 tail, but this number is still at risk of extinction. Ideally should be more than 500 tail with a wider range of habitat distribution. Currently, living habitats of Javan rhinoceros is limited only in the Ujung Kulon National Park, the westernmost tip of Java island.

In the past, the Javan rhinoceros does not only exist in Java but spread to the Asian mainland starting from Viet Nam up to Bengal, India. The massive hunt for allegedly being the main cause of the shrinking population. In Indonesia alone in the 18th century, the Javan rhinoceros was once considered pests that plague crops plantations. Even the Netherlands colonial Government ruled that time never held a contest with a prize of 10 guilders to anyone who manages to kill him.


Jerboa - Animals Beginning with letter J
Jerboa is small mammals that live in the desert is included in a group of animals jumping and rodent. It has 30 more species in their habitats, with differences in size, color, and type of residence. Jerboa has a physical shape similar to a rat, but his leg length similar to kangaroos and has long ears like a rabbit and the tail too long.

This type of animal jerboa occupy deserts and winter heat in the Asian region namely in Mongolia and China as well as the Inland North Africa. Jerboa is already entered on the list of rare animals because their habitats are endangered due to the increase in human activity. But there is also another factor that threatens the survival of the jerboa is an attack that is parasite or disease.

Animal gestation period jerboa has 25 – 35 days with long live approximately 2 to 3 years, including in a group of the three-legged desert rat who has a running speed of 24 km/h. This type of mice weighed only about 3.8 grams. In addition, jerboa also has its own uniqueness that can be substantiated by facts.


Jacana - Animals That Start With J
Jacana is a tropical bird in the Jacanidae family. They are found worldwide in tropical zones. They can be identified from the feet and talons are large so make them can run on water plants floating on the Lake. Unique poultry this one formerly quite complicate bird observers to distinguish between males and females.

However, it was discovered the size of the females is larger than males. Another uniqueness is the exchange partner when the female is able to capture and Captivate males belonging to the other spouse. Bronze-winged Jacana females even it will attack the nest and kill everything in it except males.