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Animals That Start With P, Pictures and Facts

Animals That Start With P - The following is a list of the names animals that start with P. There are many an animal whose name begins with the letter P and at the top of the order alphabetically is a Paddlefish looks like foreign still our ears to be heard. As an animals that start with H which I have described in my previous article. While the animals whose name of the letter P is dominated by 3 types of animals there are a family of fish, birds, and mammals.

List of Animals That Start With P : With Pictures and Facts


Animals That Start With P - Pheasant
Types of Chicken Pheasant which is increasingly popular among Collectors of decorative Chickens are a type of chicken that originated in China and Tibet. The charm of Rooster Pheasant into decoy hearts among the collector's ornamental chickens. There are 35 species from 11 countries. Cock Pheasant is the designation for the Cock Pheasant, currently the many hobbyists who hunt down Cock Pheasant for the collection.

Fur color, charming and graceful into the attraction. From the physical standpoint, this type of chicken does indeed resemble a bird so people sometimes think that this pheasant is a bird chicken. Tail length varies from several types of chicken, chicken even between males and females any different. Collectors see a cock pheasant feather color of chicken pheasant.


Paddlefish - animals begin with letter P
American Paddlefish (Polyodon spatula) or also known as the Mississippi Paddlefish or sturgeon species are Spoonbills, is older than the dinosaurs, with the oldest fossil found aged 300 million years ago. Paddlefish first developed this original in the Mississippi River, and near North America.

Paddlefish is one of giant freshwater fish that are still around today, but the conditions in its natural habitat are very worrying. The length of its body can reach 7 feet (220 cm) with a weight of 100 Kg (220 pounds). The hallmark of this fish is the presence of a long nose-snout resembles a paddle (paddle), that's about one-third of the total length of its body. The muzzle is known for its rostrum.

The American paddlefish is one of the big fish that exist in North America, but it is extremely difficult to find it. Some of the study mentions that these fish can live up to 50 years. The American paddlefish have a physical form that resembles a shark. Not only that, the arrangement of the skeleton of paddlefish and sharks are the same i.e. composed of cartilage. The equations are both located on the tail, where the tail is shaped like a branch of the upper tail with branches larger than bottom tails branch.


Pademelon - Animals That Start With P
Pademelon is small marsupials of the genus Thylogale. If you want to see them, then you should visit the forests, because that's where their residence. Pademelon is the smallest macropod family types that exist in the world. It weighs between 3-6 kg, but there are also weighing up to 10 kg. Its body length of about 90 cm with a width of about 50 centimeters.

This protected endangered animals are endemic to New Guinea and is only found in New Guinea in the lowland area of forests in southern New Guinea and Papua New Guinea. Thylogale brunii in Indonesia there are among other things in Wasur National Park (Merauke) and Lorentz National Park Mountains (Mimika).

But don't get too hopeful you can close to pademelons because they are very shy, they often immediately dashed when something they consider troubling. Because of its small size, pademelons considers other dangerous animals and could become the predators to them.


Panda - animal with letter p
The Panda is an animal that is not familiar to us, the characteristics of the particular unique round colored circles namely on the area of the eyes, and a body that is very cute and adorable for most people who see it. Moreover, a penchant for animals this one is eating the bamboo, creating a panda as a unique animal.

The Panda, is a mammal that is usually classified in the bear family, Ursidae, the animals native to central China. The big pandas live in mountain areas, such as Sichuan and Tibet. In the first half of the 20th century, the panda became a sort of symbol of China and is now displayed at the gold country.

Although taxonomically it is carnivorous, herbivorous like food, mostly plants, almost only bamboo only. Technically, like many animals, the pandas were omnivores (can be called carnivores, Omnivores, Herbivores), because they also knew to eat eggs, and also insects other than bamboo. Both of these foods is a protein source that is required. His ears twitch as they chew.


Pigeon - Animals That Start With P
Pigeons and doves are stout-body birds with short necks and short slender beak with a cere watery. The species is commonly known as the "pigeon" is the feral pigeons, common in many cities.

Doves and pigeons build nests of twigs and other remnants, which are placed in trees, on ledges, or ground, depending on species. They lay one or two eggs, and the second parent is very caring of his son, who will leave the nest after 7 to 28 days. Doves eat seeds, fruit, and plants. Unlike most other birds (but see flamingo), the doves and pigeons produce "milk your cache." Both sexes produce these high nutritious vegetables to feed her child.


Python - animals start with letter P
Python is a species of the Pythonidae which are large and have the longest body size among other snakes. The largest size may exceed 8.5 meters and is the longest snake in the world. Longer than anaconda (Eunectes), the largest and longest snakes in South America. Other names are reticulated python or commonly abbreviated retics. While the scientific name that is Python reticulatus, now converted into the genus Malayopython reticulatus.

Python has a pattern of large circles shaped mesh (reticular, nets), composed of the colors black, Brown, yellow and white along the dorsal side of the body. A thin black line running across the top of the head from snout to the nape, resembling the midline divides the two left-right head of symmetrically. And each one of the other black lines thicker are on each side of the head, passing through the eye to the back.

Dorsal scales (back) is composed of the 70-80 series; ventral scales (belly) as much as 297-332 fruit, from the bottom of the neck to the anus; subcaudal scales (sides of undertail) 75-102 pairs. Rostral shield (scales at the tip of the snout) and four shield supralabial (scales on the upper lip) leading edge has a dent (gap) detection of heat (heat sensor pits) (Tweedie 1983).


Panther - animal beginning with p
Panther is not a species in the family Felidae. Many have assumed that the panther is a species in the family Felidae. Especially the kind of Panthera which has four species of Tiger, Lion, Jaguar, and Leopard.

In general, the panther knew as Panther. Maybe the name ' Panther ' is what causes the multitude that panther is a species of Tiger. In fact, the panther is the same species with the jaguar and the Leopard. In other words, jaguar or panther is a black Leopard. The black color is caused due to melanisme on the body of a jaguar and a Leopard.