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List of Animals That Start With W

Animals That Start With W - Maybe you've played animal guessing, such as guessing the name of a particular letter of the alphabet based on animals, indeed this game we are doing at the moment we are children and feels very engrossing, but nevertheless we're supposed to know what the heck the name of the animals from A to Z, In my previous discussion also explains about the animals that start with J, maybe some that you don't yet know. And in this occasion I would like to explain what the animals that start with W.

List of Animals That Start With Letter W


Animals That Start With W - Wallaby
Wallaby or Agille Wallaby has a Macropus Agilis latin name. It has the appearance and manner of walking which resembles a kangaroo. So many thought as the kangaroos. Whereas in fact, the Wallaby has a body size that is smaller than a kangaroo.

Wallaby has a body length of about 60 cm long with a weight of about 6 kg. Gray fur tanned, proceeding by way of jumping to use both hind legs, and have a pouch on his belly. Yeah, same with the kangaroos.

Wallaby usually live in groups. Wallaby Habitat is grasslands, forests, and grasslands. They are active during the day to forage grass, sweet, shoots, and leaves. Yup, they are the herbivorous animals. Wallaby we can find in the wild in an area of Aru Islands, New Guinea, and the northern part of Australia.


Walrus is Animals Start With Letter W
Walrus (Odobenus rosmarus) are marine mammals in the Arctic Ocean and the sea of sub-Arctic in the northern hemisphere of the Earth. Walrus is the only species in the genus Odobenus and Odobenidae family. The species is divided into 3 subspecies, namely the Pacific Walrus, Atlantic Walrus, o. rosmarus laptevi.

Walrus ivory because it has a recognizable. Adult Pacific walrus may attain a weight of 1700 kg and surpass only by elephant seals. These animals include social animals and usually reach a ripe old age.

Walrus has an important role in the culture of the people of Polar, a Walrus hunting for meat, fat, skin, tusks, and a bone. In the 19th century and 20th Walrus blubber and exploited for his single. Therefore the number is declining at that time, but the number has risen again at this time.


Wasp - Animals Start With Letter W
Wasp is flying insects are easy to spot because it is known like the sting when the striking colors are harassed and in some species. Wasp was included in the order Hymenoptera which also consists of ants and bees. Bees or wasps are sometimes confused as the bees by lay people.

In this world, there are about 75,000 species of Wasp that are already known to man and most of them live as a parasite by putting their eggs in the body of the other animals. The Wasps can be found worldwide, except in areas too hot and too cold.

Wasp has the sting in the tip of their abdomens. Only the female Wasp have stung, while the males have no Stinger. The sting of Wasp is actually sort of a channel that is connected to the can. Wasp was stung to paralyze their victims to use and defend yourself.

The majority of the Wasp are herbivores that eat plant material such as fruit and nectar. Others such as Japan giant Wasp (Vespa mandarina) is omnivorous that also live by eating the flesh of other insects. They do not have enzymes Digest special on his body so that it can not Digest meat prey directly. To solve it, they give you a piece of meat on their larvae. The larvae produce enzymes to digest this protein will chew the meat, and then regurgitate it back to adult Wasp.


Animals That Start With W is Wildebeests
Wildebeests (Connochaetes) is a herbivorous mammal family members spread in savanna ungulates in the Interior of Africa. Animals which are still closely related to goats is composed of two species, namely blue wildebeests (c. taurinus) and the black wildebeests (c. gnou) all of which is a species endemic to the continent of Africa.

Wildebeests are famous for the annual great migration that they do in order to find new, more green area that falls between the months of July and August, which at the time, more than one million wildebeests across the Serengeti savanna tail in between the border Tanzania-Kenya until crossing the rivers teeming with crocodiles.


Warthog - Animals That Start With W
Warthog (Phacochoerus africanus) is the name of a type of wild pig who can be identified by looking at the 2 pairs of curved fangs that are sticking out on either side of the snout. The appearance made the warthog looks resembles the Babirusa. But unlike the hog deer habitat was in Indonesia, the warthog can only be found on the African continent. Precisely in the open grasslands and lush forest at the edge of the wilderness with & maximum altitude 3,500 m.

The name "warthog" on this animal comes from a bump-bumps resembling a wart (wart) in the face. The lump that is owned by males is larger than thicker-textured & bump belongs to females. The function of these bumps is to protect the face of the warthog while excavating the land butting his opponent &. In addition to the lump-shaped fangs & typical warthog has physical properties, another form of dense black hair at the back of & body lightly browned.

Warthog has a varied choice of food. Objects such as grass, plant roots, young tree bark, berries, carrion animals, other animal feces even & everything can be consumed by it. But the warthog commonly made of grass as a main meal. From the grass ate, warthog gets needed water intake in the dry season. Warthog active foraging during the day resting clefts & located above the ground when night falls.


Wolf - Animals beginning With W
The Wolf is a large carnivorous animal and as the largest members of the dog, and comes from the same group with dingoes and Coyote i.e. Canidae. Wolves generally encounter in all parts of the northern hemisphere. They are usually shy and cautious when around humans but not like dogs, the Wolf has not been completely tamed as pets.

The Wolf can reach speeds of up to 65 km/h when chasing prey. The most common Wolf encounter is the gray wolf or that could be known by various designations, among others, Gray Wolf, Grey Wolf and Timber Wolf and the other Wolf species i.e. Red Wolf (Red Wolf), Arctic Wolf (Arctic Wolf), Mexican (Molf Wolf Mexico) and white wolf (White Wolf).


Weasel - Animals That Start With W
Weasel are mammals that make up the Genus Mustela of the Mustelidae Family. This genus consists of Weasel, ermine, and tangent. This small-sized animal is an active predator, long and slender-bodied with short legs. Family Mustelidae which also consists of the otters is also often referred to as the Weasel family.

Weasel has a length which varies from 173 to 217 mm (6.8 to 8.5 in), females are smaller than males, and usually has a layer of the upper body is brown or red while her belly is white; some species are replacing the body feathers become completely white in winter. The animal's body is long and sleek enabled him to hunt down prey up into a rut. Their tails are sized from 34 to 52 mm (1.3 to 2.0 in). Weasel has a reputation as an animal that is smart, fast and full of guile.

Weasel prey on small mammals, and has long been regarded as pests because some species often prey on chickens and attack the rabbit hole in the farmland. These animals can be found all over the world except for Antarctica, Australia and Islands East of the Wallace line.